Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gen Con 2015 Update

Gen Con Indy 2015,  July 30 - August 2

Tomorrow I leave for Gen Con, and I thought I should check in to see how many folks were signed up for my seminars. I figure it's always a good thing to have a vague idea of how many or few people are going to show up.

The two evening seminars that I'm doing on behalf of Blackspoon Press and Medieval Cookery look like attendance will be pretty good, especially since they're outside of the convention center.

Note that by "sold" below I mean "given away" - these seminars are free.

SEM1569116 – Creating Medieval and Fantasy Cuisines:  07/30/2015 (Thursday), 8:00 PM, Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Stn B  -  48 tickets sold (out of 60)
SEM1575249 – Not Your Grandfather's Religion:  07/31/2015 (Friday), 8:00 PM, Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Stn A  -  46 tickets sold (out of 80)

The weird thing about the evening seminars is that there seems to be no clear relationship between the number of tickets sold and how many people actually show up. Most years I end up with half to three-quarters the number of tickets actually seated in the audience, but there have been a few times when I've gone way over the maximum amount. Once they even moved me to a larger room. I think it all depends on what other events happen to be scheduled at that time.

Then there are the two seminars I'm doing as part of the Writer’s Symposium.

SEM1580059 – Author Ed: Medieval Food and Cooking:  07/30/2015 (Thursday), 4:00 PM, ICC : 241  -  129 tickets sold (out of 150)
SEM1577142 – Worldbuilding: Crafting Languages:  08/01/2015 (Saturday), 4:00 PM, ICC : 244  -  60 tickets sold (out of 150)

Ok, the 60 people signed up for the panel on Crafting Languages, that I'm used to. The 129 for the medieval Cooking seminar? It doesn't matter how many times I look at that, my reaction is best summed up by Captain Malcolm Reynolds:

(best dialogue ever)