Saturday, November 20, 2021

Warning Labels - Three Percenters

I saw a sticker the other day (on a black SUV, of course) and since I had to look up its meaning to be sure, I thought it might be worth using to start a series of posts:  "Self-Applied Signs that People Helpfully Use to Identify Themselves as Vile Excuses for Human Beings".

Since that's a bit too long though I'm going to just call them "Warning Labels".

I don't expect this series will make me many friends within certain groups.  I'm ok with that.

This is the symbol of the Three Percenters - a right-wing militia group.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about them:

Like other American militia movements, Three Percenters believe in the ability of citizen volunteers with ordinary weapons to successfully resist the United States military. They support this belief by claiming that only around 3% of American colonists fought the British during the American Revolution, a claim which underestimates the number of people who resisted British rule, and which does not take into account the concentration of British forces in coastal cities, the similarity of weapons used by American and British forces, and French support for the colonists.

That one paragraph contains the two fatal flaws in the Three Percenters' beliefs;

1.  The claim they take their name from is nonsense

2.  They've somehow deluded themselves into thinking a group of self-trained military wannabees carrying AR-15s could be any kind of match for the US military.  I mean, think about it.  The real military not has things like tanks, helicopters, aircraft, drones, and really-really-big bombs.