Monday, June 3, 2019

Origins 2019 Schedule

June 12-16, 2019
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA

Somehow I'm surprised every year at how soon Origins will be.  It's a little over a week away and I feel like I'm completely unprepared.  As in the past eight years I'll be selling books as part of The Library and taking part in some cool panels.

Thursday, 4pm-5pm: Next-level Worldbuilding for Prose or Gaming
Talking about power dynamics in worldbuilding, layering of history, cohesive/coherent worldbuilding that feels like it all connects, etc. Lucy Snyder, Michael R. Underwood, Doc Myers

Friday, 10am-11am: Effective Illusions
How do you make a reader feel as though they’re actually there in the world you’ve created? Join our panelists for tips and tricks on building worlds that are evocative, enchanting, and above all, so immersive you can lose yourself in it and forget you’re reading. Carlos Hernandez, Cat Rambo, Doc Myers

Saturday, 2pm-3pm: Don’t Cross the Streams!
When is it a good idea to cross genres? When is it a bad one? Carlos Hernandez, Addie J. King, Doc Myers

Saturday, 4pm-5pm: The Almighty Dollar
Some writers swear by using economics to augment their worldbuilding, figuring out trade routes, banking systems, and the flow of money. How do you construct a world this way and what are the pros and cons? Doc Myers, Aaron Rosenberg, John Helfers

Sunday, 1pm-2pm: Using Folktales, Legends, and Myths in Your Storytelling
Learning how to differentiate the different types of folklore and how to incorporate them into your worldbuilding. Mercedes Lackey, Doc Myers, Addie J. King, Michael R. Underwood

The rest of the time I'll be at a table in the Exhibition Hall with the rest of the writers. If you're going to be at the convention, stop by to talk. We're a fun bunch!

[last-minute update!]

I've been scheduled to do a reading at 5:30 Saturday evening - I hope someone shows up!