Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In Space

Flyin' out the airlock
With the vacuum in my hair
Clock says it's time to die but don't cry
It'll freeze up in your eye
Before it can boil away
Down at three degrees K

While the ears can still hear screamin'
Icy brains will keep on dreamin'
Driftin' far from the star
Where my people are
Just a missile with no payload
Through the cometary halo

I'll be like that golden record
Or the thing that merged with Decker
Ever goin' never slowin'
Like helium II flowin'
When the main line's growin' old
I'm still thinkin' damn it's cold

Friday, April 8, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Schedule

Gen Con Indy 2016,  August 4 - 7

I've just heard back from Gen Con that my seminars are now active and viewable by the public, so I thought I should do a quick post about them. I'm not part of the Writer’s Symposium this year but I'll likely be in the audience for several of their panels.

For my own events for Blackspoon Press and Medieval Cookery, I've scaled it back to just two this year.

SEM1686243 – Creating Medieval Fantasy Cuisines  A subterranean culture probably wouldn't eat roast beef and an arboreal one wouldn't eat sushi. A fantasy world should have a cuisine that takes into account the resources and technology of the people that inhabit it. This seminar demonstrates how to make up a consistent, believable cuisine using a simple template.  08/04/2016 (Thursday), 8:00 PM, Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Ballroom A 
SEM1686244 – Fictional Languages & the Name of this Seminar  Ever have a story or game ruined simply by the choice of a name? This seminar looks at language creation in general along with the pitfalls inherent in creating names. 08/05/2016 (Friday), 8:00 PM, Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Ballroom A 

For the Fantasy cuisine seminar I'm trying something different in that I intend to create - with the help of the audience - a fully functional cuisine. That seems a bit ambitious for a two hour seminar, but I think it's doable and should at the very least be entertaining.

The Language seminar is an offshoot of the one I've done before. Bad names in fantasy and science-fiction drive me nuts, and most of the time they're pretty easily avoided.