Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Comfort Metal

This is what brought me back to the fake album meme. Judith posted this picture to Facebook and noted that her son called it a "Death Snuggie."

Then Tom suggested adding umlauts, which lead to me responding with ...

Of course it can't stop there. A quick trip to Wikimedia Commons and a bit of photoshop work and I've got an album cover.

What about the back? This album cover has to have a back with a track listing!

This time I used the Heavy Metal Name Generator to come up with song titles.

I'd better stop here before I come up with the bios of all the band members.

Tréogat - 5

It was a full year after their previous release [and after my last try at the fake album thing]. What will Tréogat come up with this time?

It was at this point I realized I should make sure the images I use are in the public domain, so I switched to the New Files page at Wikimedia Commons for the photos and used the first copyright-free image I found.


Obviously Sigrid is back with the group and they've gone back to their original style. What's really kind of neat is that their song Make it Lighter was also featured on their first album - I hadn't noticed that until writing this post.

Tréogat - 4

It turned into an addiction. Even thought the last album was a critical failure, I had to make another. I couldn't leave the band stuck like that, right?

[Actually, I did leave them stuck for just over 4 years. Then I came across the original post on Facebook and thought I'd try again]

Oh dear.

It's clear that Hannes and Rasmus had a parting of ways after Metaphorical Code-Switching was released. With Sigrid still off at school there was no one to rein Hannes in, and the album took on a rather dark and cynical aspect.

Tréogat - 3

The first two albums went so well that I simply couldn't stop. The third one however came out a bit different.

This cover doesn't seem as light or quirky as the others. It looks like one of those ambient, new-age sort of albums from the late 1980s.

The track titles are ok, but it just doesn't mesh as well as the others.

At the start of production for their third album, Sigrid went off to Paris for college. That left Hannes to write the music and put everything together, which he did with the help of his best friend (and new band member) Rasmus. Rasmus has always been a fan of musicians like Brian Eno, and that had a heavy influence on his work for the album.

Tréogat - 2

There is something about creating fictional albums that I find deeply fascinating. After doing the first one, I found myself wondering what the Tréogat's second album was like. So I tried it again, keeping the band name for this one of course.

I really liked the image and title. The real surprise came with the song titles.

The song "Black and White and Red All Over" meshes well with the typewriter. That made the group more real for me. For this album it looks like Sigrid was getting a bit literary. I wonder if Hannes was supportive of his older sister or if he resented the amount of control she had over the band.


There was a meme going around Facebook in 2011 for making fake album covers ...

1. Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 
2. Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 
3. Go to flickr and click on ...“explore the last seven days”. Third picture ...no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Here's what that got me:

Of course I couldn't leave it at that.

I decided it needed a back cover - with track titles snipped from the riddles at randomriddles.com (not quite random, but still fun). fortunecookiemessage.com would have worked too.

It seems kind of whimsical and wistful. I keep imagining the group is made up of four or five Swedes, all in their early twenties. Most of the songs were written by the lead guitarist, Hannes, and the lyrics are by his sister,  Sigrid.