Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Like Longfellow's Arrow

Back around 2004, I put a silly little sketch of a language up online. It was based on a line about cows having a language in one of David Letterman's top-ten lists. Like a lot of the stuff I drop on the web, I meant it to be a bit of fun and really didn't expect anything to come of it.

... even Dave had no idea where it would end up.

Flash-forward to me sorting through and moving files from TheBookOfRefreshments.com (now retired) to my current website and coming across the page titled Bovine Linguistics. I was curious if anyone else on the web was using that particular combination of words, so I checked. There were a lot more hits than I expected, but the one that actually referred to my web page surprised me.

It was a 2007 post on a religious blog run by Episcopalian priests.

The author of the post was looking up the word "kine", found my page by accident, and was apparently amused. If that were all of the story I'd tell myself I've lightened someone's day a little and all was good, but then I started reading the comments.

Not only have I created a language for cattle, but against all odds it is being used by Episcopalian priests. Even funnier, they're using it to make somewhat pointed religious commentary. The surreality of it exceeds all expectations. My purpose on this earth is complete.

Humor is sweet grass, indeed!