Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on the Conventions

Only a few days to go until Origins. I think I’m ready, though I still need to get some bookmarks printed up and maybe get a haircut. As a bonus, Patrick Rothfuss has said he’ll be there (as a participant rather than as a guest). Got to make sure he gets a copy of the cookbook.

On the Gen Con side of things, registration went online last weekend. I’ve got 48 who have already signed up for Medieval Travelling Food and 43 for the Build Your Own Language workshop. Those are pretty decent numbers, though it can be hard to match them to actual attendance. Some years I’ve had way more people show up than register and other years it’s been the same or less. It all depends on what else is scheduled on Thursday and Friday evening.

The surprise is the 24 people who have signed up for How to Cook Like a Dwarf. I wasn’t sure how this one would fare seeing as it’s scheduled in the middle of the day on Saturday, and it’s in a hotel rather than the convention center. Looks good so far.

I keep feeling like there’s stuff I’ve forgotten to do.

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