Monday, September 15, 2014

Episodes of Firefly I'm Glad Were Never Made

Like most fans of Firefly, I get kind of choked up and depressed thinking about what could have been. Lately though, it occurred to me that a second, fourth, or tenth season might not have turned out as awesomely as the first.  Then I started to imagine what might have been if Firefly had been renewed and had been subject to all the studio pressures, budget cuts, and creative brain drain that have plagued other long-running TV shows.  With that in mind I present the following list of Episodes of Firefly I'm Glad Were Never Made.

1. The entire episode is told from Wash's (first person) point of view after he was horribly injured and is completely paralyzed.
2. The episode where Serenity flies too close to a black hole and is sent back in time to Earth-That-Was.
3. The all-musical episode with songs like "Jayne Polishes His Pistol," "Leaves in the Wind," "Shiny," and an emotional duet between Mal and Inara.
4. The Firefly Christmas Special.
Image stolen from Almost Nerdy
5. The episode that begins with Zoe dying off screen because Gina Torres precipitously left the show after a pay dispute.
6. The entire season where Mal and the crew leave the ship, become employees of the Alliance, and work in Ariel's capital city.
7. The episode where the crew of Serenity is turned into puppets.
8, The string of episodes where Simon leaves the ship and the crew is joined by Kaylee's ten-year-old, super-genius nephew.
9. The episode where Jayne is on trial for murder and the majority of the episode is a bunch of clips of Jayne from all the other episodes stitched together with shots of the crew giving testimony on the witness stand.
10. All the episodes in the seasons after Mal left and his cousin Mark took over as captain.

Ten years of Firefly might have been fantastic, but maybe we are actually better off the way things are.

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