Sunday, May 17, 2015

Origins 2015 Schedule

June 3-7, 2015
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio, 43215, USA

Origins is only a couple of weeks away, and as with the past three years I'm on some panels and selling books as part of The Library. Here’s my schedule for seminars this year:


The Short Story and You  (C223, 3:00 p.m.) - Short stories aren't "just like novels, but shorter." This panel will teach you the rules of the road for crafting a short story. [with John Helfers, Donald J. Bingle, Steven Saus, and Ronald Garner
Creating Fictional Languages  (C222, 5:00 p.m.) - Creating a fiction language can take your story to the next level, but do you need to be a linguist of Tolkien's caliber to do it? 


Religion and Science  (C222, 3:00 p.m.) - Great speculative fiction makes us think abour our own world, and how better to do that than with religion and science? Our panelists tell you how to make create believable religions and fields of scientific study. 90 minutes.  [with Jaym Gates and Tracy Chowdhury
Food in Speculative Fiction  (C222, 5:00 p.m.) - In Fantasy and Science Fiction, any food is usually in the background.  Most often it's presented as setting or set decoration and ignored by the viewer.  Sometimes though, it seems to take on a life of its own and can even become the center of the plot.  This slideshow explores the fictional foods in television and film, highlighting both the good and the bad. 


Flora and Fauna  (C223, 12:00 p.m.) - When you build a world, you need to populate it, not just with people, but with plants and animals too. This panel teaches you how to use biology and science to make them believable.  [with Tracy Chowdhury, John Helfers, and Lucy A. Snyder

I love Origins - it somehow manages to be huge and still small and friendly. The seminar topics are a nice, diverse bunch so it should be lots of fun.

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